Dec 03 2017

Corruption Personified

Ethics allegations have plagued City officials for years.

In 2014 Tallahassee voters amended the City Charter to include an “Independent” Ethics Review Board. Somehow “Independent” got lost in the implementation of the voters will.

City Commissioners turning a voter demand into a personal joke is an insult to everyone who lives in Tallahassee and does business in Tallahassee.

Corruption in the City Manager’s office is well illustrated by a text conversation between City Manager Rick Fernandez and lobbyist Adam Corey published on the front page of The Tallahassee Democrat a few weeks ago. A conversation Fernandez first denied having the conversation, then illegally deleted text messages from his official phone. With nearly 30 years of service in City government Fernandez knew deleting these texts violated several City and State statutes and regulations. He has since refused to answer citizen questions about this issue.

His punishment for such an egregious act? A motion by wannabe Mayor Gil Ziffer to place him on $ 20,000 per month paid “administrative leave”, (read “paid vacation”) and approved unanimously by all 4 Commissioners and current Mayor and wannabe Florida Governor Andrew Gillum.

Speaking of our esteemed Mayor and pithy comments, at the conclusion of the October 8th City Commission meeting where no less than 10 citizens asked our Commissioner’s to end Manager Fernandez’s “paid vacation”, a request that fell on deaf ears, like most citizen requests in this City do, (i.e. Killearn Country Club, Myers Park, CRA and the list goes on), Mayor Gillum commented something like “this is how democracy works”. Andy, your lack of understanding about democracy is only outdone by your poor taste in companions(many of whom seem to be under FBI investigation).

Speaking of taste, for those of you who can I afford it(I’m not one) you should try the fare at Edison’s restaurant since the citizens of Tallahassee helped pay for it with City funds, did I mention the operator of Edison’s(a building the City invested over 2 million dollars in) just by coincidence happens to be Mayor Andrew Gillum’s former campaign treasurer and City Lobbyist Adam Corey(also under FBI investigation).

There is so much more to review, like a nearly half a million dollar “no bid” contract just coincidentally issued to a relative of a current Commissioner who is seeking reelection, the list goes on and I will be addressing many of these issues at future Commission meetings.

Three of the five seats on this Commission are up for election in 2018. Up to this point the only candidates “NOT” connected to current Commissioners trying to and this climate of corruption is Nancy Millers opponent and myself.

With the help and support of those citizens of Tallahassee who have had enough of this rampant corruption, I will defeat Gil Ziffer in the 2018 Mayoral election. Together we will begin the healing process of a City to long abused by those who use power for personal gain.