My Platform:​

  • I will ensure all our tax dollars are used in the most effective way.
  • I will hire only the best, most qualified vendors, contractors and employees.
  • I will use only ethical practices – such as requiring bids for contracts and hiring based on merit. There will be no nepotism nor any contracts awarded to repay campaign or other support.
  • As a public servant, I will be accessible to all my constituents – welcoming ideas to make Tallahassee the best city for all of us to live, work and raise families.
  • I will push for term limits, namely two, 4-year terms for all elected city officials – to eliminate less effective ‘professional politicians.’
  • I will push to return to the previous, effective policy of rotating the position of mayor.
  • I will push for commissioners to live in districts they represent and abolish at-large representation. Organizing our community into districts would make campaigning for office much less expensive and provide capable citizens like myself better opportunity to run competitive campaigns. Thus our voices – and most importantly – the voices of our constituents will be more strongly heard.


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